Lizhen Lin Receives NSF Faculty Early Career Development Award (CAREER)

March 16, 2017


The National Science Foundation (NSF) has named Lizhen Lin as one of the winners of the Faculty Early Career Development Award (CAREER). Honoring outstanding research and the integration of education and research within their individual organizations, the CAREER Award is the most prestigious award given by the U.S. government to young faculty in engineering and science.


Career: Geometry and Statistics: Utilizing Geometry for Statistical Learning and Inference

Lizhen LinThe research program of Dr. Lin’s Career proposal focuses on studying the fundamental role of geometry in statistics and utilizing it for learning and inference. More specifically, the program proposes to (1) study the role of geometry in statistical inference of complex data that are now routinely collected in many fields of science and engineering; and (2) investigate the role of geometry in high-dimensional and Big data analysis where the data generating process often centers around some lower-dimensional geometric space. The central theme of this program is that geometry is inherently present in the data with the geometry either known or to be learned, which should be utilized for efficient and reliable statistical learning and inference. Dr. Lin aims to make fundamentally mathematical, statistical and algorithmic advances in complex data analysis and high-dimensional data analysis.  The proposed work expects to have far-reaching applications and impacts in imaging analysis, neuroscience, public health  and many other applied fields.  In addition,  a comprehensive and detailed educational and training program for graduate students, undergraduate students as well as high school students that is integrated into the research program.  To find out more about Dr. Lin’s  research, see

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