ACMS Colloquia

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List of Speakers:


Fall 2017
Fri, Sept. 8 Victoria Weber - Department of Mathematics, Meredith College
Fri, Sept. 22 Yunxiao Chen - Department of Psychology, Emory University
Mon, Oct. 2 Theodore Kolokolnikov - Department of Mathematics & Statistics, Dalhousie University
Thurs, Oct. 5 Suncica Canic - Department of Mathematics, University of Houston
Mon, Oct. 9 Bimal Sinha - Department of Mathematics & Statistics, University of MD Baltimore Co.
Mon, Oct. 23 Songting Luo - Department of Mathematics, Iowa State University
Fri, Oct. 27 Gianluca Geraci - Department of Optimization & Uncertainty Quantification, Sandia National Laboatories
Fri, Nov. 10 Xiulan Lai - MBI, Ohio State University & Renmin University of China
Mon, Dec. 18 Xuan Bi - Department of Biostatistics, Yale University
Tue, Dec. 19 Hyungsuk Tak - Statistical and Applied Mathematical Sciences Institute
Wed, Dec. 20 Zihuai He - Department of Biostatistics - Columbia University
Spring 2018
Wed, Jan. 10 Likai Chen - Department of Statistics, University of Chicago
Thur, Jan. 11 Leo Duan - Department of Statistical Sciences, Duke University
Fri, Jan. 12 Jason Klusowski - Department of Statistics & Data Science, Yale University
Mon, Mar. 19 Yuguo Chen - Department of Statistics, UIUC
Fri, Apr. 6 Michael Stein - Department of Statistics, University of Chicago
Fri, Apr. 13 Jian Kang - Department of Biostatistics, University of Michigan
Mon, Apr. 16 Sebastian Kurtek - Department of Statistics, Ohio State University
Wed, Apr. 18 David Dunson - Department of Statistical Science, Duke University
Wed, May 2 Eric Laber - Department of Statistics, North Carolina State University
Thur, May 3 Eric Laber - Department of Statistics, North Carolina State University
Fri, May 4 Genevera Allen - Department of Statistics, Rice University