Applied Math Seminar

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List of Speakers:

Fall 2018

Tues. Aug. 28 Frederic Paquin-Lefebre, University of British Columbia
Thurs. Sept. 13 Angelika Manhart, New York University
Thurs. Sept. 20 Sean Breckling, University of Notre Dame
Thurs. Oct 25 Amy M. Veprauskas, University of Louisiana
Thurs. Nov. 8 Jeff Schenker, Michigan State University
Thurs. Nov 15 Tingting Tang, University of Notre Dame
Fri. Nov 16 Alex Gorodetsky, University of Michigan
Thurs. Nov. 29 Jian-Xun Wang, University of Notre Dame

Spring 2019

Thurs. April 25   Wenjing Liao, Georgia Institute of Technology