Statistics Seminar

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List of Speakers:

Fall 2018

Tues, Sept. 4 Hyungsuk Tak, University of Notre Dame
Tues, Sept. 11 Joseph Guinness, Cornell University
Tues, Sept. 18 Wesley Tansey, Columbia University
Tues, Sept. 25 Simon Birrer, UCLA
Tues, Oct. 2 Feng Liang, UIUC
Tues, Oct. 9 Kyoungaje Lee, University of Notre Dame
Thurs, Oct. 11 Amanda Lenzi, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
Tues, Oct. 23 Julie Bessac, Argonne National Lab 
Fri, Nov. 2 Michael Schweinberger, Rice University
Tues, Nov. 6 Veronica Berrocal, University of Michigan
Tues, Nov. 13 Mengyang Gu, Johns Hopkins University
Tues, Nov. 27 Peter McCullagh, University of Chicago


Spring 2019

Tues. March 5   Yang Chen, University of Michigan                                                      
Tues. March 19 Arman Sabbaghi, Purdue University
Tues. March 26 Bayan Sarpabayeva, University of Notre Dame
Tues. Apr. 2 Rosemary Braun, Northwestern University
Thurs. Apr. 18 Yongdai Kim, Seoul National University