Curriculum in Applied and Computational Mathematics

The program in applied and computational mathematics is designed to be completed in approximately 11 months of full-time study beginning June 2018 (for AY 2018/19) and consisting of 6 credits in the summer, 12 credits in the fall and 12 credits in the spring, for a total of 30 credits. 

Sample courses of study, targeted to particular industries, are given below. Course descriptions can be found HERE.


Summer Semester 
(begins June 2018 for AY 2018/19)
Course Credits
Select Two 3-credit courses from the list below:
ACMS courses in Probability, Statistics or  
     Numerical Analysis
ESTM Accounting or Finance courses

Applied and Computational Mathematics

Fall Semester Spring Semester
Course Credits Course Credits
Mathematical and Computational Modeling 3 Numerical Analysis II 3
Numerical Analysis I 3 Advanced Scientific Computing 3
Applied Probability 3 Elective 3
ACMS Elective 3 Elective 3
Business Presentations (optional) .5 Independent Study (optional) 1


















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