Chunlei Li Involved in the Cloud Computing Team Team in the IBM Research Lab

Author: Li, Chunlei

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Chunlei Li, PhD Graduate Student in the Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics (ACMS) Department, was part of the Cloud computing team at the IBM China Research Lab as an intern this past summer.  Chunlei participated in three different projects during his summer internship. The first project was to implement DNA sequence alignment on Cloud. The second project was to develop a mobile web application and the third project was to mine a large traffic data set. Chunlei used database techniques and clustering algorithms to identify the spatial-temporal traffic flow patterns. The research experience cultivated by the ACMS PhD graduate program provided Chunlei with a solid foundation to tackle new problems during his internship this past summer. Chunlei found the research he has conducted at Notre Dame was closely related to the research projects conducted this summer during his internship, so it was a smooth transition from the ACMS PhD program to the summer internship at the IBM Research Lab. The insight Chunlei gained from the summer internship has inspired him with new ideas for his research at Notre Dame.