ACMS PhD Program Aids Pancaldi for Summer School in Lyon, France & Colorado State University

Author: Pancaldi, Francesco



This past summer, Francesco Pancaldi, PhD Graduate Student in the Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics (ACMS) Department, attended a summer school and conference about biomathematics and modeling in Lyon, France. At the end of July,  Francesco then attended a tutorial about the software package "Bertini" as well as attending a conference on applications of algebraic geometry at Colorado State University.

Francesco accredits the two classes on modeling, directed readings courses, the many other courses taken in his first year, along with the guidance of both of his advisors, Professor Mark Alber and Professor Andrew Sommese, to have all been determinant factors that have helped prepare Francesco for his trip to both Lyon, France and Colorado State University. The ACMS PhD program has helped provide Francesco with the necessary background to help him successfully begin his research. Moreover, the summer school, conferences and tutorial has deepened Francesco's comprehension of bio-math, modeling and algebraic geometric applications.

For further information regarding the events, please see the following web pages:

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