Dong Lu3



Dong Lu


1.  What interested you in the doctoral program in Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics at Notre Dame?

I was interested in numerical methods for partial differential equations in college. Fascinated by its broad applications, I decided to further explore this area. Dr. Yongtao Zhang, my thesis advisor at Notre Dame is an expert in numerical and applied partial differential equations. Through him, I learned that ACMS is a rapidly growing department and there are many great opportunities.

2.  What was the best part of the program?

There are many good things about the program. If you are like me, interested in teaching as a career, the best thing is that you will have the chance to teach your own course that is mentored by a very experienced professor.

3.  What are your career plans for the near future?

I plan to teach Mathematics at a higher education institution.

4.  What advice would you give to students considering the program?
Bring a good camera. The University of Notre Dame campus is beautiful during every season.