Professor Andrew Sommese

Andrew Sommese

Vincent J. Duncan and Annamarie Micus Duncan Professor of Mathematics


Ph.D., Princeton University, 1973

Research Areas

Numerical Algebraic Geometry
Scientific Computing
Mathematical and Computational Biology
Numerical Differential Equations
Applied Partial Differential Equations

Current Research

Prof. Sommese's current research centers on the numerical solution of systems of polynomials in several variables that arise in engineering and science.

He has been working with a number of researchers to develop the fundamental algorithms of Numerical Algebraic Geometry, a new subject whose goal is to compute and numerically manipulate the solution sets of polynomial systems, including the positive dimensional components of the solution sets.

Prof. Sommese, plus former students Daniel Bates (Colorado State University) and Jonathan Hauenstein (University of Notre Dame); and long-time collaborator Charles W. Wampler (General Motors Research & Development) have developed Bertini, a software package to carry out these computations.

Recently, Jonathan Hauenstein; Bei Hu; Andrew Sommese, and his former Ph.D. students Wenrui Hao and Timothy McCoy; and Yongtao Zhang and his former Ph.D. student Yuan Liu have been applying and improving algorithms to solve problems arising in pattern formation and tumor growth.


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