Steven Buechler



Ph.D., University of Maryland, 1981

M.A., University of Maryland, 1977

Research Areas

Statistical Bioinformatics 

Mathematical and Computational Biology

Short Curriculum Vita

Buechler-Biosketch (as of November 1, 2011)

Current Research

Prof. Buechler’s current research is in the application of statistics to medicine, more specifically, the personalized medicine enabled by the evolving technology for assessing the genetic state of a patient’s disease. Recently, he developed an algorithm for determining the likelihood for relapse for breast cancer patients based on a measurement of the expression levels of four genes in the initial biopsied tumor. Patients identified by this test as having a good prognosis can safely forego chemotherapy.

Prof. Buechler did research in mathematical logic from 1981 - 2005.

Breast Cancer Prognosis

The results of this research project were first published in Low Expression of a few genes indicated good prognosis in estrogen-receptor positive breast cancer, BMC Cancer (2009)

This synopsis describes the result and its clinical potential informally.

Colon Cancer Prognosis

After separating colon cancer tumors according to tumor location, prognostic panels of genes are found for right-side and left-side colon cancer (synopsis). This was accomplished with the same algorithm used to develop the breast cancer test. Development of a clinically applicable version of this test is underway.


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