The Department of Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics (ACMS) collaborates with the following centers:

Center for Research Computing 
The Center for Research Computing (CRC) enhances advanced research across campus by providing state of the art computing and communication infrastructure, resources, and skilled computing staff. Many ACMS faculty, students, and postdoctoral scholars use its computing resources in their research.  The CRC also helps researchers explore new applications of high-performance computing in their respective areas and provides access to training for high performance computing tools and software design to efficiently use the available hardware and infrastructure.

Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Biocomplexity
Prof. Mark Alber of ACMS directs this center devoted to the study of biocomplexity, the complex structures and behaviors arising from the interaction of biological molecules, cells, and organisms. The center's long-term goal is to develop comprehensive multiscale models of cell and tissue organization and their relation to development. All of its projects combine quantitative experiments and computer simulation and build on the mutually complementary strength of the researchers at Notre Dame with support from collaborators at other institutions.

Interdisciplinary Center for Network Science and Applications
ACMS members research biological networks in collaboration with ICENSA. ICENSA is an interdisciplinary research center organized around network science problems in social, biological, biochemical, physical, environmental, financial, organizational, technical, and defense systems. ICENSA develops a systems-level understanding of the fundamental processes and mechanisms that underly the structural, dynamical, and functional properties of complex networks. It also develops and integrates novel mathematical and computational tools for network science.