Clinical Prognostic Test for Metastasis in Breast Cancer

Many breast cancer patients remain free of distant metastasis even without adjuvant chemotherapy. While standard histopathological tests fail to identify these good prognosis patients with adequate precision, analyses of gene expression patterns in primary tumors have resulted in successful diagnostic tests. The accelerated progression relapse test, developed by Steven Buechler (ACMS) using whole-genome microarrays, is one such test, however it requires frozen or fresh-preserved tissue samples. The project includes development of a version of this test that can utilize the tissue source (formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded) standard in clinical use.

The results of this research project were first published in Low Expression of a few genes indicated good prognosis in estrogen-receptor positive breast cancer, BMC Cancer (2009).

This synopsis describes the result and its clinical potential informally.


  • Dr. Steven Buechler (ACMS, Notre Dame)
  • Dr. Sunil Badve (Pathology, Indiana University School of Medicine)