Are you interested in graduate school, eager to prepare for a research career, or simply want to explore the cool problems math can solve? Develop research skills and contribute to the Mission of the ACMS Department! Feel free to look through the below opportunites in the ACMS Department and contact Director of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Alan Huebner, to express your interest and receive guidance on how to find a mentor.

In the near future, an info session will be organized for interested students to engage in this program.


Mentor Office/Contact Info Research Topics/Areas of Interest Suggested Background/Experience
Jonathan Hauenstein 152C Hurley Hall
Design and application of numerical methods for solving nonlinear equations Linear algebra, numerical analysis, scientific computing
Alan Huebner 152D Hurley Hall
Educational and psychological testing, applied statistical modeling ACMS 30600 or equivalent knowledge in statistical inference, regression modeling, and R computing
Yongtao Zhang 176 Hurley Hall
Numerical methods for solving Partial Differntial Equations from Computational Biology and Computational Physics Numerical Analysis, Computer Programming, Partial Differential Equations
Dong Quan Ngoc Nguyen 226 Hayes-Healy
Applications of Number Theory, Applied Probability, and Random graphs None
Lizhen Lin 152A Hurley Hall
Complex data analysis, High-Dimensional data analysis, Geometry and Statistics, Network analysis Basic or advanced knowledge of statistics
Bei Hu 174A Hurley Hall
Partial Differential Equations from Biology and Mathematical Finance ACMS 20210: Computer Programming, ACMS 40390: Numerical Analysis, ACMS 40730: Mathematical Modeling