ACMS Applied Math Seminar: Tim Weninger


Location: 129 Hayes-Healy

Tim Weninger
Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Discovering Hierarchies within Massive Information Networks

Graphs are all around us. They can be made to model countless real-world phenomena ranging from the social to the scientific including information, media, biology, chemistry, medical systems, and e-commerce systems. We call these graphs information networks because they represent bits of information and their relationships. This talk focuses on discovering hierarchies from very large scale information networks by exploring certain properties inherent within the networks. We focus on the Web-information network, as well as specialized sub-networks like Wikipedia, where we aim to determine its position in the type-hierarchy and their relationships to each other. This new information can then used to answer expressive queries on the network and allows us to explore additional properties about the network that were previously unknown.



List of Speakers:

Oct. 1 Dervis Can Vural - Physics
Oct. 8 Tim Weninger - Computer Science and Engineering
Oct. 15 Zhangli Peng -  Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
Oct. 29 Joel Boerckel - Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
Nov. 5 Joseph Powers - Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
Nov. 12 Ling Xu - Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics
Nov. 19 Pinar Zorlutuna - Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
Dec. 3 Amy Buchmann - Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics
Dec. 10 Nicolas Brunel - Department of Statistics and Neurobiology, University of Chicago