Applied and computational mathematicians are advancing research in medicine, sustainable energy, climate change, and other diverse fields. Activities in applied and computational mathematics and statistics are interdisciplinary by nature. Students and faculty in this program work alongside students and faculty in other fields like business, biology, psychology, and sociology.

The Department of Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics (ACMS) at the University of Notre Dame offers a doctoral program in ACMS, equipping students with domain knowledge and experience in working in multidisciplinary teams at the frontier of a variety of fields. ACMS also offers Master's programs in the professional specialties of applied and computational mathematics, applied statistics, predictive analytics, or actuarial science.


PhD Program

The PhD program equips students with domain knowledge and experience in working in multidisciplinary teams at the frontier of a variety of fields.

Masters Program (Professional)

The Master’s of Science program trains students to solve complex real-world problems with statistical, mathematical and computational modeling.

Union Station Computer Facility

Computational Facilities

Notre Dame Research supports the ACMS through its Center for Research Computing.

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Recent Placements

The numerous courses available to students enable them to tailor their educations for a variety of careers. Some graduates pursue further graduate studies.

  • Research & Development Engineer
    Synopsys, Inc.
  • Reliability & Statistics Engineer
    The Aerospace Corporation
  • Operations Reporting Analyst
    Sallie Mae
  • Quantitative Analyst
    Philadelphia Phillies
  • Data Scientist
  • Associate Consultant
    Beghou Consulting
  • Data Scientist
    University of Chicago, Department of Medicine
  • Data Engineer
    Disresa Group

  • ACMS at the University of Notre Dame provides so many opportunities and resources for students to succeed throughout their graduate career. For instance, research services such as priority computing and access to all major academic journals as well as professional development assistance through workshops, travel grants, and fellowship/grant writing consultations. These resources further strengthen the ACMS culture to pursue whatever career path the graduate student desires within academia, industry, or government. I have not heard of many departments with as much job diversity as this one.

    Claire Bowen, 2018
  • The best part is the department’s encouragement to graduate students to take on internships, workshops and teaching experiences over the summer. It really helped me personally decide between a career in academia or industry and gave me the experience to successfully acquire a job upon graduating.

    Alicia Specht, 2017

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