Computational Facilities

Union Station Computer Facility

The Center for Research Computing (CRC) maintains and supports the high performance computing needs for the entire campus. In addition to over 7500 shared compute cores, ACMS has priority access to more than 800 dedicated cores and 8 GPUs. These were purchased with funds from the College of Science.

The CRC is configured to handle the diverse ACMS requirements that range from solving multiscale models to molecular dynamics simulations to constructing genome databases. Access to the compute resources is through a queuing system, ideal for long production code runs. Several login nodes provide interactive capabilities for job preparation and analysis. There are also “large memory” queues for applications that require it. Servers within the CRC's datacenter are connected with a combination of Infiniband and GB ethernet interconnects with a 10Gbps path back to campus.

The CRC provides both persistent home storage for important data along with a high performance scratch system for intermediate work. In total, the CRC manages more than 2,000TB of storage. Along with hardware support, the CRC has a dedicated team of staff who provide training, software support, and workflow optimizations.