Frequently Asked Questions

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When is the application deadline?

It is January 15th.

When does the new application term open?

You are welcome to begin working on your application under the current year, but do not submit it yet. When the next application term opens (typically by the first week in September), you will be able to update the admission term to the correct year and submit the application.

Given my background, what are my chances of admission if I apply?

We are unable to provide estimates of your chances of admission.

May I apply for an application fee waiver?

You may apply for an application fee waiver during the online application process. Requests for fee waivers are handled at the University level, not by our department. If you have applied for a fee waiver, but were denied, but you feel that you are deserving of a waiver, please contact the ACMS Director of Graduate Studies.

May I submit unofficial transcripts with my application?

Yes, you may submit unofficial transcripts. If you are admitted, you will need to submit official transcripts prior to enrollment.

Is the GRE test required to apply to your Ph.D. program?

No, The General GRE is recommended, but not required.

Is the GRE Mathematics Subject test required to apply to your Ph.D. program?

The GRE Mathematics Subject test is not absolutely required to submit an application to our doctoral program. We consider all components of an individual's file when deciding on admission. The lack of a subject test is one less piece of information for us to judge a file.

Do GRE and TOEFL test scores expire?

Yes, GRE test scores are valid for five years and TOEFL test scores are valid for two years. 

Is it possible to be admitted to your graduate programs if an international applicant's TOEFL speaking score is below the Graduate School's required score of 23 (this concerns the Internet-Based Test - IBT TOEFL)?

In the past, we have sometimes (but not always) been able to admit students whose IBT TOEFL speaking score was below 23 when other aspects of the file were exceptionally strong. However, this requires special permission from the Graduate School and verification of the applicant's spoken English proficiency by an ACMS faculty member. This verification is done through a phone conversation between the applicant and ACMS faculty.  

For the ACMS professional master's program, please see the additional GRE analytical writing and TOEFL minimums listed under "Admissions".

I attended a university whose primary language of instruction is English. Do I still need to take an English language proficiency exam?

The Graduate School will waive the TOEFL/IELTS/Duolingo requirement for non-native English speakers who spent a minimum of two academic years at an academic institution whose primary language of instruction was English. If that is not obvious, a letter from the Registrar’s Office (or the office responsible for academic records) confirming English as the language of instruction may be required. To expedite the review, please upload a transcript from the academic institution or the letter documenting instruction in English to the “Test Scores” section of the application (in place of the TOEFL or IELTS score). After completing the upload, please confirm with Graduate Admissions by email at that you have done so. If you have any questions about these requirements and process, please address them to

Do I need to take an English language proficiency exam? Which exam? What are the minimum scores?

Answers to these questions can be found on the Graduate Schools website here ( and here (

I want to send my test scores to the university. What is the institution code for Notre Dame? Is there a separate code needed to send the scores to the ACMS Department?

The institution code for the University of Notre Dame is 1841. There is not a separate code for the ACMS department. As long as one of the ACMS degree programs is selected on an application, we will receive the scores with the application file.

Is an undergraduate degree in a specific field required to be admitted to your programs?

No. Our programs appreciate candidates with a variety of different backgrounds.

I am a Notre Dame graduate or undergraduate student. Can I transfer to an ACMS PhD program?

No. If you want to join the ACMS PhD program, you must apply for admission through the same process as other applicants.

Do all admitted students receive financial aid?

All admitted doctoral students receive financial aid. For financial aid information regarding the ACMS professional Master's program, please see the degree's webpage.

Are PhD students funded? Do I need to apply separately for funding?

All ACMS PhD students are fully funded (stipend+tuition) for at least five year under the condition that they remain in good standing in their progress toward their PhD. You do not need to apply separately for funding.

Do I need to contact potential PhD advisors before applying?


When will I hear back about my application? If I am admitted, when is the deadline for making a decision?

We usually make our first round of admissions offers before the end of February. We sometimes make a few more offers from a waitlist after this. If you are admitted, your deadline for accepting the admissions offer is usually April 15. 

Do you offer a Master's Degree in ACMS?

ACMS offers a professional master's degree with several specialty tracks with tuition usually paid by the student.  This 11-month program begins in the summer and is separate from the Ph.D. program. For more information on the professional master's degree, please visit this page.  

For current Notre Dame Ph.D. students, ACMS offers a research master's degree.  More information can be found here.

If I have previously applied to one of your programs, do I need to submit a new application?

Yes. A new application as well as updated supplementary documents to the application must be submitted and sent to the Graduate School via the Slate Application System system for each term and degree applied for.

Do I need to send copies of my application documents to the ACMS department?

No. All application documentation must be submitted directly to the Graduate School.

I have already submitted my application to the doctoral program. When can I expect to hear about my admission status?

The review of Ph.D. applications begins in mid-January. Offers of admission are sent out starting in February. The most up-to-date information regarding application status will be found by logging into the Slate Application System online system. If there is not an application status update, this means that a decision has not yet been made regarding the applicant's admission.

If my application is received after the deadline date, will it be considered?

We consider application files as they are completed after the deadline date, but since we begin to make offers after the deadline date, there may be no positions available if a student submits his/her application after the deadline.

Does the department offer spring semester admission to the doctoral program?

Currently we do not admit applicants to begin in the spring semester.

How many students will be admitted each year to the doctoral program?

We typically admit 4-6 students each year into the program.

Do you have any information about graduate student life in the South Bend area?

Please see the following link with informational videos from the Graduate School's website: