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Creating problem solvers

The Master’s of Science in Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics (MS-ACMS) program trains students to solve complex real-world problems with statistical, mathematical and computational modeling.


A student in the MS-ACMS program will complete 30 credits of coursework in statistics, applied mathematics or computational science. Our courses are specially designed for solving problems faced by companies today. A student may specialize in Applied Statistics, Applied and Computational Mathematics, Predictive Analytics, or Actuarial Science. The degree requirements, described here, are flexible enough to accommodate broad student interests, while ensuring that students graduate with deep knowledge of the subject matter.


Options for terms of attendance

The MS-ACMS program offers a student the option to complete the program in 10 months of continuous study, or distributed over 16 months. See here for the details. The 10-month option is ideal for a student who may have completed an internship as an undergraduate and is eager to enter the workforce as soon as possible.  Under the 16-month option, a student could hold an internship during the summer between the program’s 2nd and 3rd semester of study, and apply for jobs after a full year of study in the program.

Terms of Study

Help with the job search

A Graduate Career Counselor is available to students in the program for help with writing a resume, practicing job interviews, and otherwise preparing students for the job search. Many of the nation’s top employers specifically recruit Notre Dame students because of our reputation for excellence. A list of jobs obtained by graduates of the MS-ACMS program is found here.

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Recent Placements

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  • Operations Reporting Analyst
    Sallie Mae
  • Quantitative Analyst
    Philadelphia Phillies
  • Data Scientist
  • Associate Consultant
    Beghou Consulting
  • Data Scientist
    University of Chicago, Department of Medicine
  • Data Engineer
    Disresa Group