Notre Dame Students

Easy Admission to the Master of Science in Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics

The Master of Science in Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics offers specializations in multiple areas in high demand by employers. In a total of 5 years of study, a Notre Dame student may earn both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s of science degree. To learn more about the opportunities available to graduates of this program, please see

A Notre Dame undergraduate student may apply for admission to the MS-ACMS program at any time in the senior year. If granted admission, the student would be enrolled in the MS-ACMS program upon completion of the undergraduate degree with no lapse in student status.

To Apply

To apply, a student need only submit a one-page letter of intent to the Director of ACMS Masters Programs stating her/his career goals, relevant experiences, and desired area of specialization. That’s it! Applicants do not need to take the GRE exam, submit a formal application through the Graduate School, or pay an application fee.

Scholarship Opportunities

A student admitted to the MS-ACMS program who was a Notre Dame undergraduate may transfer for masters credit up to six credits taken as an undergraduate if those credits are not applied towards any requirement for the bachelor’s degree. ACMS will grant a tuition scholarship proportional to the number of credits earned. For example, a student who earns six credits (20% of the 30 credits required for the degree), would be granted a 20% tuition scholarship. See the Director of ACMS Masters Programs for additional restrictions on how such a scholarship would be awarded. Notre Dame undergraduate students receiving early admission may earn up to 12 credits towards the masters while enrolled in both the masters and bachelors degree programs.

Early Admission to the Masters Program

A Notre Dame student who advances quickly through his/her undergraduate studies may apply to be admitted to the masters program prior to completing the bachelor’s degree. This could enable a student to complete both a bachelor’s degree and the MS-ACMS degree in under 5 years of study. Interested students should contact the Director of ACMS Masters Programs.