ACMS Applied Math Seminar: Zhangli Peng


Location: 129 Hayes-Healy

Zhangli Peng
Assistant Professor
Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

Multiscale Modeling in Cell/Tissue Mechanics and Related Diseases

Molecular mutations can lead to altered mechanical properties and malfunction of cells and tissues. However, it is a grand computational challenge to bridge the scales from molecules to cells and tissues. In this seminar, I will show examples of applying multiscale modeling to investigate biomechanics problems from molecular level to tissue level, such as malaria, hereditary blood disorder, circulating tumor cells and vascular diseases. The findings from these problems have only become possible due to the multiscale modeling technique and the state-of-the-art understanding of molecular structures, and promise a new avenue to study the mechanics of biological systems.










List of Speakers:

Oct. 1 Dervis Can Vural - Physics
Oct. 8 Tim Weninger - Computer Science and Engineering
Oct. 15 Zhangli Peng -  Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
Oct. 29 Joel Boerckel - Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
Nov. 5 Joseph Powers - Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
Nov. 12 TBD
Nov. 19 TBD
Dec. 3 Amy Buchmann - Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics
Dec. 10 TBD