ACMS Colloquium: Catie Acitelli, North Carolina State University


Location: 129 Hayes-Healy

Catie Acitelli

Catie Acitelli

North Carolina State University

4:30 PM
129 Hayes-Healy


Integrating SageMath in the Calculus Sequence

A Computer Algebra System (CAS) performs symbolic manipulation of mathematical expressions. An intuitive, easily accessible CAS can be used to help students bridge gaps in their prior knowledge and further enhance their conceptual understanding of the material, without sacrificing a solid mathematical foundation. Moreover, use of a CAS allows educators to reach all students through a variety of conceptual approaches. In this talk, I will outline the integration of the SageMath CAS into a Calculus I and II sequence. SageMath is free and open source, and it is accessible in a variety of different forms, including CoCalc, SageMath Cell, and the SageMath smartphone application. I will illustrate a short example of using SageMath in recitation, lecture, and homework on the topic of the Second Derivative Test.

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