ACMS Applied Math Seminar: Giselle Sosa Jones, Oakland University


Location: 154 Hurley Hall

Giselle Sosa Jones
Oakland University

Thursday, October 12, 202
154 Hurley Hall
3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Title: Numerical Simulation of Multiphase Flow in Porous Media

Abstract: Modeling the flow of liquid, aqueous, and vapor phases through porous media is a complex and challenging task that requires solving nonlinear coupled partial differential equations. In this talk, we propose a second-order accurate and energy-stable time discretization method for the three-phase flow problem in porous media. We prove the convergence of the subiterations to resolve the nonlinearity, and show that the time-stepping method mimics the energy balance relation that the continuous problem satisfies. Our spatial discretization uses an interior penalty discontinuous Galerkin method, for which we establish the well-posedness of the discrete problem and provide error estimates under certain conditions on the data. We validate our method through numerical simulations, which show that our approach achieves the expected theoretical convergence rates. Furthermore, the numerical examples highlight the advantages of our time discretization over other time discretizations.












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