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Notre Dame Faculty Featured in Michigan Science Teachers Association Journal

December 06, 2010

The Fall 2010 edition of the MSTA Journal, published by the Michigan Science Teachers Association, features an article entitled "Biocomplexity in the High School Classroom."  The article, written by Michael Sinclair, Helene Dauerty, and Tom Finke, revolves around the newly emerging field of biocomplexity and the online tutorials at

"The Joy of Stats" Excerpt Featured on the Kaneb Center Blog

December 03, 2010

An excerpt from "The Joy of Stats," a documentary from the BBC revolving around the world of statistics, has been featured on the blog from the Kaneb Center at the University of Notre Dame.  The following video by Hans Rosling features a digital visualization of various nations' lifespans and income over time:…

ACMS Featured in PLoS ONE

September 29, 2010

PLoS ONE, a journal for peer-reviewed scientific and medical research, has published the paper "Bare Bones Pattern Formation: A Core Regulatory Network in Varying Geometries Reproduces Major Features of Vertebrate Limb Development and Evolution."  Written by Dr. Jianfeng Zhu (Department of Mathematics, University of Notre Dame), Dr. Yongtao Zhang (ACMS), Dr. Mark Alber (ACMS), and Dr. Stuart Newman (Department of Cell Biology and Anatomy, New York Medical College), the paper discusses vertebrate limb development and bare bones framework.  To view the full article, please visit the following site:…

ACMS Featured in Harvard Medical School Blog

September 29, 2010

The Department of Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics has been featured in "It Takes 30," the blog from the Department of Systems Biology at Harvard Medical School.  The entry revolves around research on blood clot formation, which includes collaboration from ACMS faculty members Dr. Mark Alber and Dr. Zhiliang Xu and ACMS graduate student Joshua Lioi.  To view the full blog entry, including a video of the formation of a clot, please visit:…

New Notre Dame Department Applies Math Research to Real World Problems

August 02, 2010

The Department of Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics has been featured in an article on the ND Newswire.  To view the full article, please go to the following site: