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Notre Dame researchers lead collaborative team to Study Bacteria Movement

October 27, 2011

An interdisciplinary collaboration of six researchers, including four from Notre Dame, have received a three-year National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant to study the interplay of motility mechanisms during swarming of the bacterium  Their study is essential to understanding how millions of bacteria function in real environments.…

Student survives cancer, gives back

October 26, 2011

During the fall semester of her freshman year, doctors diagnosed junior Courtney Rauch is now cancer-free and is actively involved in breast cancer research on campus.

"[Breast cancer has] kind of given me the mentality that you don't wait for things,"  

Coming in, I knew I only have four years here and I have to make the most of college, but the fact that I had to miss school and, occasionally, I thought I would have to stay home an entire semester … I dedicate myself to everything I do as much as I can."…