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Notre Dame Chicago Commons host for the Interdisciplinary Workshop on the Physics of Bacterial Communities

June 28, 2012





The University of Notre Dame Chicago Commons hosted a Workshop on the Physics of Bacterial Communities on June 11-12, 2012. The primary focus of the workshop was on the fundamental understanding of physical mechanisms governing microbial actions, including cellular responses to chemical and physical perturbations, interactions between cells, and coordination of these events over time and spatial scales. The goal of the workshop was to bring together some of the leading researchers in biophysics, biology, applied mathematicians, and computational science from the United States and Europe to discuss the latest developments in the field of the physics of bacterial communities, including swarming, quorum sensing, cell signaling, and biofilm formation and effects of bacterial activity on environment and health. The composition of workshop participants was a mix of well-established scientists and young promising scientists in the beginning of their scientific careers.…