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Wenzhao Sun Wins Schurz Innovation Award: Using Big Data Science to Advance Media Companies

May 08, 2013


ACMS graduate student, Wenzhao Sun, was part of the top team awarded $3,500 for using “big data” sciences to advance media companies.  The competition, sponsored by Schurz Communications, encouraged students to develop digital solutions and innovations for media companies. …

Enhancing Diversity in Graduate Education

May 02, 2013


Enhancing Diversity in Graduate Education (EDGE) is a summer program for women who are about to start graduate studies in mathematics. Participants take intensive four week long courses in algebra and analysis to prepare for the rigors of graduate school. EDGE has proven to be a very effective program in helping women to complete their PhDs. ACMS graduate student Amy Buchmann attended this program at North Carolina State University in 2010 before coming to Notre Dame. This program was very helpful in giving her a glimpse of graduate level mathematics, and introduced her to many women in graduate programs across the country. In 2012, she worked as a graduate student mentor when the program was held at Pomona College, and will be returning this summer to be a graduate mentor when the program is held at the New College of Florida.…