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New Notre Dame paper offers novel insights into pathogen behavior

December 18, 2014

Pseudomonas aeruginosa

A new study by a team of researchers that includes University of Notre Dame scientists Joshua Shrout and Mark Alber provides new insights into the behavior of an important bacterial pathogen.

ACMS: First Friday Mad About Science

March 26, 2014



On March 7th, ACMS graduate students Claire Chow and Alicia Specht participated in South Bend's First Friday event. The event occurs on the first Friday of each month, bringing the community together to take part in various performances and activities hosted by local businesses. For March's "Mad about Science" theme, Claire and Alicia taught local students and their parents about the infamous Monty Hall Problem: When given the choice among three doors (one of which contain a prize) should you stay with your first choice, or choose another door after one of the doors have been revealed? It turns out, statistically, switching doors actually increases your chances of winning. Participants were given the chance to try out what they learned on a mini game show - complete with chocolate prizes!.

Do you have a great idea for cancer research?

February 28, 2014



Do you want to help Notre Dame prevent cancer?

You can help Notre Dame find the missing pieces to the puzzle. The College of Science and Harper Cancer Research Institute are sponsoring a new program called Research Like a Champion for students to drive innovation in cancer research.…

Graduate student Claire Chow selected as Microsoft Research

February 20, 2014


First year, applied and computational mathematics and statistics graduate student, Claire Chow was recently selected as a Microsoft Research Graduate Women's Scholar. The program is a one-year scholarship program intended to increase the number of women pursuing Ph.D degrees.