Five Notre Dame faculty named fellows of the American Mathematical Society

Author: Marissa Gebhard



Five faculty from the University of Notre Dame have been named fellows of the American Mathematical Society (AMS) for 2013. Fellows include William G. Dwyer, Julia F. Knight, Mei-Chi Shaw, Andrew J. Sommese and Nancy K. Stanton. They are part of the inaugural class of fellows that includes mathematical scientists from 600 institutions around the world.

Andrew Sommese is the Vincent J. and Annamarie Micus Duncan Professor in Mathematics, and is part of the Department of Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics. His current research centers on using algorithms for the numerical solution of systems of polynomials to numerically solve free boundary problems for systems of differential equations arising in tumor growth models. He has been working with a number of researchers to develop the fundamental algorithms of numerical algebraic geometry, a new subject whose goal is to compute and numerically manipulate the solution sets of polynomial systems, including the positive dimensional components of the solution sets. His group has developed a major software package, Bertini, to carry out these computations.

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