Notre Dame Researchers Track Age of Bruises

Author: Melissa Ornat



Researchers at the University of Notre Dame Gregory Crawford, the dean of the College of Science, applied math professor Mark Alber, graduate student Colin Lines and postdoctoral fellow Oleg Kim set out to use math and light to develop a way to better date a bruise.

Comparing the waves of light reflected off the bruise to unbruised skin nearby, the laptop screen creates a graph outlining the changing levels of hemoglobin and then of bilirubin over minutes, hours and days.

Dean Crawford is optimistic that once the field studies are finished, perhaps in a couple of years a company can begin making and distributing the devices. Maybe Notre Dame will step in and sponsor the project, and a startup can make the device in nearby Innovation Park.

This research was also spotlighted on the NBC local news program and also published in several newspaper articles.


Here is a link to the full newspaper article: