Stefano Castruccio

Assistant Professor

Stefano Castruccio 2


Ph.D., University of Chicago, USA 2013
M.S., Politecnico di Milano, Italy, 2007
B.S., Politecnico di Milano, Italy, 2005

Research Areas

Environmental Statistics, Space-Time Models, Computational Statistics for High-Dimensional Data, Visualization of Uncertainty in Space and Time, Statistical Methods for Imaging Data

Current Research

Prof. Castruccio’s main area of research focuses on the development of spatio-temporal statistical models for environmental applications, with applications spanning from assessment of renewable energy resources to assessing mortality from air pollution. His focus is mostly on climate and weather modes, and the use of statistical models that can act as a stochastic approximation to provide a computationally affordable assessment of parameter sensitivity analysis. His methodological research is focused on the development of non-stationary Gaussian processes in the sphere times time domain, and in scalable multi-resolution inference for high-dimensional processes in space and time.

Prof. Castruccio has also been working on the development of novel visualization techniques for communicating uncertainty and provides model diagnostics through virtual reality environments and smartphone apps, as well as in spatio-temporal models for improved diagnostics of brain activation during fMRI scans.


Office: 203C Crowley Hall
Phone: (574) 631-8992
Fax: (574) 631-4822
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