Giuseppe Vinci

Assistant Professor

Astrostatistics, Bayesian Statistics, Computational Neuroscience, Data Mining, Extreme Value Theory, Forensic Statistics, Geometry and Statistics, Network Analysis, Probabilistic Graphical Models, Statistical Machine Learning, Topological Data Analysis

Ph.D. Statistics, Carnegie Mellon University, 2017
M.Sc. Statistics, Carnegie Mellon University, 2013
M.Sc. Economics and Social Sciences, Bocconi University, 2012
B.Sc. Economics, University of Catania, 2009


Dr. Vinci's current research is focused on the theory of probabilistic graphical models. He develops special forms of regularization for large scale graph estimation in challenging situations characterized by strongly corrupted data and incomplete pairwise data observations. He applies his methods to estimate neuronal functional connectivity graphs, which describe the functions of neuronal circuits, and to estimate massive genomic networks from single cell RNA-seq data. He also conducts research in geometric data analysis (in particular topological data analysis), astrostatistics, extreme value theory, forensic statistics, and investigates problems of statistical reproducibility in scientific research.


Phone: (574) 631-6726
Office: 201A Crowley Hall