Steven Buechler


Ph.D., University of Maryland, 1981
M.A., University of Maryland, 1977

Prof. Buechler’s research is in the application of statistics to medicine, more specifically, the personalized medicine enabled by the evolving technology for assessing the genetic state of a patient’s disease. Recently, he developed an algorithm for determining the likelihood for relapse for breast cancer patients based on a measurement of the expression levels of four genes in the initial biopsied tumor. Patients identified by this test as having a good prognosis can safely forego chemotherapy.

The identification of the biological networks that are linked to critical biological processes will become increasingly relevant with the explosion of genetic patient data on the horizon; this is the subject of his developing research projects. Prof. Buechler has conducted research in mathematical logic for over 20 years.


Phone: (574) 631-3483
Office: 201E Crowley Hall