Undergraduate Student Employment

Grader Information

Undergraduate students are used in the Department of Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics (ACMS) to correct homework assignments for departmental courses. Grading is completed on your own time, and the hours worked are reported electronically in UltraTime. A grader's hours may vary, depending on the type of class and the number of students in the class. Graders are used for ACMS 20220, 20340, 20550, 20620, 20750, 30530, 30540, and 30600.

Teaching Assistant Information

Teaching Assistants (TAs) are used in ACMS 10140 and ACMS 30440. These positions are approximately 5 hours per week at set times. A TA will meet with students twice per week in 2-hour increments, with 1 hour of prep time. Meeting times are always in the evening hours and sometimes on a Saturday or Sunday, depending on the decision made by the professor and the TA. A classroom will be assigned to the TA.

Employment Applications

Employment and Tax Forms:

The I-9 verification process is now electronic and must be completed within 3 days of hire date. Please go to the Human Resources website to review the New Student Employee Toolkit and Payroll Information.

Note: Federal & State Withholding will automatically be set up as "single" with "0" exemptions. Withholding changes can be made by logging into inside.nd.edu. InsideND is also used to set up your direct deposit.

Employment Notification:

Job notifications will be sent out by mid-August for each fall semester and at the beginning of January for each spring semester. If you have any questions, please e-mailĀ nherman1@nd.edu.