Honors in ACMS

Honors in ACMS

Junior majors in ACMS may apply for the departmental honors program to receive the designation “Honors in Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics”.

Here are the requirements:

  • A minimum of Cum GPA of 3.5;
  • Complete a minimum of two semesters in undergraduate research ACMS 48498 during the junior or senior year, potentially including a summer semester;
  • Complete an undergraduate thesis, ACMS 48500;
  • Presentation of the thesis in a seminar or a conference, on campus or outside campus.

Before the end of the junior year, students interested in the Honors option must apply to the director for undergraduate studies, who will make suggestions to students for an appropriate advisor. The subject matter should in an area of expertise of at least one member of the department. The student will work with the advisor to complete a thesis, which must be signed off by the advisor and then submitted to the Director of Undergraduate Studies by April 15 of the senior year. If approved, the student will receive credit for ACMS 48500, Undergraduate Thesis.

The undergraduate thesis must go beyond what is found in an undergraduate course, and present a novel approach to a subject.