Supplementary Major in Statistics

Students in numerous areas of study can benefit from advanced study in statistics. This is true for students in business and the social sciences as well as those in the natural sciences and engineering. This supplementary major is well suited for these students.

Requirements. The supplementary major in statistics requires 36 credits in ACMS and Mathematics. The specific requirements are as follows.

  • Calculus I, II (MATH 10550, 10560
  • Introduction to Applied Mathematics Methods, I, II (ACMS 20550, 20750)
  • Scientific Computing (ACMS 20210 or 20220)
  • Applied Linear Algebra (ACMS 20620)
  • Introduction to Probability (ACMS 30530)
  • Mathematical Statistics (ACMS 30550)
  • Statistical Methods and Data Analysis (ACMS 30600)
  • ACMS Statistics electives

Difference from the full major: The full Statistics major requires 42 credits in ACMS and MATH courses. This supplementary major requires one fewer statistics elective and one fewer ACMS elective.  The chemistry and physics requirements are not needed for the supplementary major.

Double counting issues: A student is permitted to double count Calculus I and II for a first major and this supplementary major. A student whose first major requires Calculus III and Ordinary Differential Equations is exempt from ACMS 20550 and 20750, but must complete an additional 6 credits of electives in ACMS. The same principle applies to any other courses required by a first major and this program. 

STT2 Sample Curriculum:

First Year

First Semester Second Semester
Math 10550. Calculus I 4 MATH 10560. Calculus II 4
Total Credits 4 Total Credits 4

Sophomore Year

First Semester Second Semester
ACMS 20550. Applied Math Methods I 3.5 ACMS 20750. Applied Math Methods II 3.5
ACMS 20620. Applied Linear Algebra/ ACMS Scientific Computing 3/3.5 ACMS 20620. Applied Linear Algebra/ ACMS Scientific Computing 3/3.5
    ACMS 30530. Introduction to Probability 3
Total Credits 6.5/7 Total Credits 9.5/10

Junior Year

First Semester Second Semester

ACMS 30600. Stat Mthd & Data Analysis I

3.5 ACMS Statistics Elective  3
Total Credits 3.5 Total Credits 3

Senior Year

First Semester Second Semester
ACMS 30550. Mathematical Statistics   3 ACMS Statistics Elective    3
Total Credits 3 Total Credits 3

Note that the major, college, and university requirements for the supplementary major are not included and are the responsibility of the student.

  1. Equivalent or higher sequences in science may be substituted, e.g., MATH 10850, 10860 for MATH 10550, 10560.
  2. The acceptable elective courses are:  ACMS 30810 Design of Experiments; ACMS 40842 Time Series Analysis; ACMS 40852 Advanced Biostatistical Methods; ACMS 40855 Spatio-Temporal Statistics; ACMS 40875 Statistical Methods in Data Mining; ACMS 40878 Statistical Computing with R; ACMS 40950 Topics in Statistic; Any graduate ACMS course in statistics or probability.